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Do you want access to money fast, easily and cheaply (you can get money with below market interest rates with a securities loan)? If you want any amount of money for any purpose in the next week…then apply right now for a stock loan to get the money you need. You can borrow money using stock to get it now instantly and easily! International stock loans, share loans and stock borrowing are offered for our global clients. Virtually all Major World Wide Stock Exchanges are accepted and borrowers from around the globe are accepted too.

NO Credit Review, NO Personal Income, NO Personal Tax Returns, NO Business Income and NO Business Tax returns required to get a loan! Our loan is securities-based, there are no credit or income requirements or anything else that will stop you from getting the money you want for any purpose. In addition, our program allows you to continue to reap 100% of all the rewards of any appreciation and dividends generated by the pledged securities. Eligible securities include stocks, penny stocks and ETF’s. We lend against securities traded on most domestic and foreign exchanges.

Now you can protect your stock portfolio and get CASH. Our securities-based stock loan program allows you to leverage your securities portfolio and offers you protection from market declines without selling your securities. You can now borrow money using stock for any purpose and get any amount you need. This is a non recourse stock loan. Interest only stock loans are what we will provide you. This is not a margin loan but an alternative to margin loans.

We can loan you up to 80% of the value of your securities with no recourse! We offer no limit to the amount of money you can borrow, below market rates from 2.45% Fixed, with no credit or income requirements. Now you can get money fast and cheap for any purpose and is very simple to apply. Go ahead now and apply with the easy quick application below or inquiry to get more information.